Robin “flusha” Rönnquist

Robin “flusha” Rönnquist

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Robin Rönnquist – a talented Swedish guy, launched a gaming path in 2011. He interacted under the funny nickname «flusha» and was involved in several scandals. His reputation wasn’t transparent, but it didn’t distract Robin to continue his activity and turn into a Counter-Strike Global Offensive gamer. Flusha achieved a worthy amount of rewards. He doesn’t note about retirement as he aspires to stay at the top of the best CS:GO players.

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Robin Rönnquist. The story of an extraordinary Swedish gamer

He actively manages social sites, where, he allows fans to keep in touch with Robin’s news and cyberspace expectation. On 20 September 2021, he announced about his team losing one member. Earlier, Flusha published some memes that described his discontent about the gaming system and matches.
Success and joining the teams

There’s no information about Robin’s school years and parents. In a social network, he is ego to discuss gaming and his personality rather than introduce his family to the whole world. He just practiced at the computer and received an invitation to play Counter-Strike 1.6 at Dreamhack Winter 2011. It became a useful experience but brought no victory.

He wandered around a lot of local groups and wasn’t about to stay there for a long time. Some gamers consider the irresponsible attitude to be a sign of a complicated personality as sometimes Robin judges others with enthusiasm, however, in 2010, he just wanted to find a good perspective.

Robin is a competent but unstable gamer. For example, in 2012, flusha joined SY_b, then left it for Western Wolves, Epsilon eSports, and came back in 2013. He did the same with Fnatic and some other bands.

Though Robin has never hesitated to leave any team and try luck under new conditions, he carried benefit to his fellows.

In 2013 Robin overcame Ninjas in Pyjamas as a partner of Epsilon in the online regime. His band was called «onliner» but flusha found this definition humiliating as he wanted to participate in international tournaments and adjust to the LAN atmosphere.

During the match, Robin was involved in a conflict as NIP disagreed with the final result and blamed Epsilon for fraud. It made flusha sign an agreement with Fnatic and attend DreamHack Bucharest.

He had to play opposite NIP once more. Ninjas in Pyjamas announced the rules violation that provoked DreamHack to settle another match. It turned into a new controversy, but Fnatic won the game.

In DreamHack Winter 2013, Fnatic beat NIP with 16 points against 2. Competitors attempted to urge revision, but there were no arguments. Flusha was a worthy member of Fnatic and obtained 13th place in the list of top 20 gamers in 2013.

Robin’s authority in cyberspace wasn’t so much prosperous in 2014. He couldn’t repeat the previous year’s triumph.

Moreover, in Dreamhack Winter 2014, Fnatic suffered a crushing defeat from LDLC. The team was in a bad mental state as the public met it negatively after accusations of cheating.

In 2015 flusha became a star player of Fnatic and a CS:GO Major champion in Katowice and Cologne. He perceived a great career increase and gained plenty of cups.

In 2016 there were fewer matches, but flusha still presented gold and silver to his team. So did he in 2017-2018.

In 2017 Robin got to know better with «pronax» – a gamer from GODSENT. They failed at Eleague Major: Atlanta. In 2019 Robin gave a detailed interview about pronax calling his skills overestimated. Flusha seemed to mock an ex-mate, his capacities, and effort. It made pronax’s fans angry. They considered Robin to be arrogant, as flusha also related to the team’s loss but didn’t feel any responsibility for the common misfortune.

In 2018 Robin conquered FaZe and reached the most valuable award. With his assistance, Fnatic won the World Electronic Sports Games 2018 and got $800.000.

He received a golden cup in Intel Extreme Masters 2018.

The team aimed to achieve more horizons, but flusha went to Cloud9 – an American team that hardly kept competition.

As a drop in rating didn’t satisfy flusha, in 2019, he returned to Fnatic. In 2020 Robin took third place in EIM Katowice and Flashpoint 2. He achieved gold in ESL Pro League Season 11: Europe. In 2021 Flusha joined GORILLAZ.

Accusations in fraud

Robin isn’t enthusiastic to share private data, home pics, and relationship status to publicity. It might be a reason for flusha being scared for his family’s comfort as he has been blamed in fake victories several times.

Opponents impeached Robin to use inappropriate methods and chips that neglect the regulations. Such players as «pita», «shox» and «pimp» voted to exclude Flusha from the gaming world. Almost every team Robin participated in struggled with the same prosecutions. In a few cases, Flusha lived up to his reputation that was a solid reason for his rivals to receive the national credit.

Flusha thinks his competitors are envious of his fame, so they invent absurd arguments trying to make him fall. Flusha is sure he has a natural talent in gaming and can’t name anyone more worthy than Robin to obtain rewards.

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