Richard “shox” Papillon

Richard “shox” Papillon

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Richard Papillon is a 29-year-old qualified gamer that specialised in Counter-Strike Source and Global Offensive.

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Richard Papillon. Biography and way to success

Richard’s acquaintance with gaming started in 2004. He daily practiced, and soon it brought the first positive result. As Papillon says, he can’t give any unusual recommendation to amateurs besides the typical one – never give up playing! Richard was a worthy representative of VeryGames, Epsilon, EnVyUs, G2 Esports.

First interest in gaming and further career

While being in middle school, Richard started on the FFA server. In 2005 he was noticed together with his band TuRTLe. Shox obtained an onliner label but then changed it for more opportunities. Soon a 15 years old boy was about to attack the powerful french gamers.

During this period, he faced a generation gap, both with parents and team members who were more experienced in the cyberspace and less enthusiastic to confess Shox’s unbelievable talent.

In summer 2008, Richard appealed to the national French team at the Gamescom but took only second place.
In 2011 Papillon participated as a member of Verygames that is considered to be his first professional team. He won gold together with his team at ESWC.

The reporter praised his effort, but Richard mentioned that the whole team was working hard, and Shox didn’t plan to yield. He trained a lot for the further event as tournaments open horizons for every streamer.

In 2012 his popularity raised, and in 2013 Richard attended Mad Catz.

Though he overcame all the opponents in the statistics over the first two teams, he had to leave the Imaginary gaming. It was an unexpected and critical incident. Papillon, who is more known in cyberspace as “Shox”, was about to beat Nostalgia’s competitor, but the final match indicated the draw outcome. Richard was very disappointed according to the interview he game. At first, fans thought Papillon was trolling them when he declared about the loss.

Now Shox is an admired professional and one of the best gamers. Since 2014 he basically only achieved first place in tournaments regardless of a drama he endured this year. VeryGames got stuck in a crisis and asked its members to search for a new community. Richard received an offering from Titan whose condition was to dwell at a gaming house and adjust to restrictions instead of living with a family and enjoying a free schedule.

Shox enjoyed it for 4 months and after left. His mates didn’t support his decision.

Richard had a negative experience with DreamHack. He lost there but in some weeks achieved the reward at the X Games. In 2015 Shox left LDLC and signed an agreement with Team EnVyUs.

From 2016 to 2018, he belonged to the G2 Esports team. In 2017 he noted an aspiration to reach an appropriate level at Starcraft.

From 2019 till now, Richard plays for Team Vitality as it is designated in his social media. He used to stream at the beginning of his career, but after moving to Marseille he barely organizes live translations.

Interesting facts about Richard

Unlike many gamers, Shox enjoys talking not only about gaming. He willingly shares fascinating data about his personality.

For example, Richard mentions, that his hair is a little curly, but he combs it to make it straight as it attracts girls.

Shox explained that he took a nickname in honor of his shoes, as he liked collecting sneakers. He also discovered his daily schedule: waking up at 10 a.m., showering, having breakfast, and spending about – 8 hours for matches. Richard can’t name his favorite gaming performance as he has trouble with memory.

Down there is a list of additional info about Shox.

  • Shox’s team calls him Dory (a small bluefish from a famous cartoon) as he often forgets essential things.
  • Shox has insectophobia and has panics whether any beetle flies to him
  • His parents didn’t accept his lifestyle. They didn’t want Papillon to devote his life to gaming.
  • When Richard was a teen, he realized education wasn’t necessary for him at all, so he preferred to spend hours at the computer.
  • Shox thinks, there are many talented gamers around, but he can’t select the strongest one. Richard doesn’t have an idol in cyberspace.
  • He dated an older woman for several years. They met at ESL Pro League and married in 2019.
  • Shox dislikes League of Legends. Instead, he prefers to join Age of Empires, Path of Exile, or Final Fantasy.
  • Richard adores green salad with Belgian sauce and never gets tired of the meal.
  • His favorite skin is Crimson Red.
  • Shox wishes CS GO had MP5. He missed it since he stopped playing the Source version.

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