Olof “olofmeister” Kajbjer

Olof “olofmeister” Kajbjer

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Olof Kajbjer, «olofmeister» or just «olof» is an example of purposefulness and despair. The Swedish player was enduring a thorny path, overcoming plenty of misfortunes to achieve a worthy level in Counter-Strike Global Offensive. Unlike other gamers who had a natural talent for playing, Olof couldn’t succeed and completely discover his potential in any gaming discipline for a long time. When a crucial aspiration came alive, Olof finally felt harmony after a chain of scandals and injustice.

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Acquaintance to CS:GO

Olofmeister dreamed to be famous, as a soccer player but a leg trauma made him stuck in depression, and join shooting to get rid off of a sad condition. He was – 4 years old when his parents took him to a sports section. He was engaged in this activity for – 10 years until 2003. After a serious injury, Olof needed rehabilitation. A doctor didn’t allow him to manage physical exercises, so Olof just wasted time at the computer.

In the same year, when he noticed Counter-Strike, he settled a goal to research the shooting sphere and prove he wasn’t useless. At first, it was just entertainment that brought several advantages. Besides scrambling out of depression, Olof recognized the new hobby sounded like an occupation. He enjoyed visiting internet clubs but soon faced the reality.
Path to success

In 2009 he developed a local band Aquintra together with his fellows. There, Kajbjer got acquainted with the top gamers – «Xizt» and «pronax», however, it didn’t affect Olof’s career. His candidature wasn’t approved by any team, so there’s no motive to guess Olof gained glory for someone’s patronage. He failed in Counter-Strike Source like many colleagues who then made a scoop in another version.

In 2010 he took the passage from Source to Global Offensive as his current position in CS 1.6 was poor. In 2012 he played for the British – H2k and in 2013 for the Romanian band – Absolute Legends. The teams were not so prosperous, so they couldn’t promote Olofmeister to the top. In June 2013, the Swedish guy received an invitation from LGB eSports. The collaboration established a good basic in his reputation.

Thanks to Olof LGB transformed into a very promising group that participated in Dreamhack Winter 2013. At the beginning of 2014, Olof settled TeamGlobal band with some ex-fellows of LGB, but in June 2014 he signed an agreement with Fnatic. Jesper Wecksell or JW, who played in the same team confessed that the members’ roles were not so important. No matter, who was informally assigned as a leader in Fnatic, Olofmeister acted like the star gamer in every tournament as he implemented various functions.

And it’s not just a compliment or friendship. As soon as Olof obtained Fnatic uniform, the team took silver in ESL One Cologne 2014. Then Fnatic planned to pass DreamHack Winter 2014 as things were getting steadily positive. However, when Olof played against Team LDLC, his transparent reputation turned tarnished for the first time!
The French opponent suddenly blamed Olof for fraud. As Fnatic, who won a match refused to replay, it was banished from the tournament. Nevertheless, he faced a victory in ESEA Invite Season 17 Global Finals in a similar year.

In 2015 Olof made Fnatic be the first gaming community in the world that won two major tournaments in a row! Olof has finally been designated the best player of the year. In January 2016, Olof attacked Natus Vincere by allowing the rival to get zero points. In March 2016, Fnatic oppressed Luminosity Gaming, so the competitor also reached zero points. Such an outcome was unbelievable!

In April 2016, Olof followed his doctor’s recommendation and decided to take a break because of a wrist injury. In August 2017, Olof moved to the USA, entered into an international treaty, and became a part of FaZe Clan. The cooperation didn’t start from a favourable event. Astralis defeated Olof with an ashamed 2:0 result. FaZe Clan was lucky to be indicated in the top of 20 gamers of the year, but only at 19th place.

In 2018 Olof took a smashing revanche. He beat the powerful teams, including Vega Squadron, SK, Natus Vincere, and even his previous patron.

This period sounds like a triumph, but in a significant battle with Cloud9, Olof achieved only third place. In April 2018, Olofmeister declared about another temporary break to regulate his family’s problems. He didn’t participate in several ESLs though he came back just in 3 months.

Perhaps, he was in an anxious mental condition, as he had to care about his relatives that provoked attention distraction, panic, skills forgetfulness, and more, but Olof’s flourish started quickly fading.

FaZe Clan lost in Eleague Premier 2018, couldn’t succeed in New York, Chicago, Copenhagen, Stockholm, was humiliated by an old opponent Astralis and got stuck in a crisis as even the captain had no idea of how to survive and become great again.

In 2019 Olof was expected to retire as some people accused him of lots of losses. In 2020 he interacted as a substitute. He thanked his team and fans for support confessing he lost motivation for Counter-Strike, felt fatigued, and needed to restore. In 2021 Olofmeister renewed his operation by joining an active stand.
Despite the challenges, Olofmeister continues to stream and inform his subscribers about gaming, matches, etc in his Twitter account almost every day.

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