Mathieu “ZywOo” Herbaut

Mathieu “ZywOo” Herbaut

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Before introducing readers to Mathieu Herbaut or ZywOo, it’s reasonable to mention that the French skilled CS: GO gamer shares the same birthday data with Counter-Strike – 9 November 2000. Mathieu thinks that this is just a coincidence, but his fellows and rivals are sure – destiny promoted ZywOo to gaming. As a result, he didn’t spend lots of years dreaming about being a professional as many players did while enduring practice and misfortunes in internet clubs.

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Herbaut is the only teen who was designated to be on the top of a list of 20-star gamers in 2020. Now he represents Team Vitality as an AWPer.

Several best players including “Shox” confess they didn’t have a reason to be in a panic if ZywOo was sitting nearby. The youngest member inspired confidence in the whole team and was considered to be the national gaming savior and the greatest CS AWPer.

Early age and acquaintance with Counter-Strike

Mathieu was a modest child and humble son whose obligation was education. He had to study well since childhood, so when his brother and cousin, were relaxing at the desktop, a – 7 years old Mathieu was preparing lessons. As the gatherings were frequent, the boy soon asked his relatives to try a match. His mom didn’t permit him to pay enough attention to CS, but then gave up and supported Mathieu at the local jousts when he was 9. As it was noted above, Herbaut became the youngest star player. Perhaps he could achieve rewards even before turning 15 if a school didn’t distract him from the gaming detailed investigation.

At the age of 16, the talented French guy received collaboration offers. His mom dominated his personality and didn’t allow him to try luck in Counter-Strike at the higher level. She affected Mathieu and urged him that education would bring more privileges. The teen forcedly refused but went on playing simultaneously with passing exams at the electrical engineering faculty. He joined his first amateur team Nevermind in February 2016 and was releasing a thorny path to endemial admiration for – 8 months. In October 2016, ZywOo weakened his ambitions to keep studying in order, but in January 2017, he moved to E-Corp Bumpers – another amateur group that promised more advantages.

However, Mathieu didn’t enjoy a new atmosphere as expectations were quite different from what he got. Despite the inconsistent sensations, ZywOo participated in a local tournament in the north of France and took first place. The news about his victory spread around his homeland and other European countries. ZywOo’s mother suddenly encouraged Mathieu and took a promise from him that he would still care about education. Lessons and exams made him stuck in the same playing condition in the middle of 2017. His friends advised him to focus on self-development in gaming, but Mathieu was implementing his mom’s needs.

When ZywOo’s friends accepted collaboration with Against All Authority, Mathie was studying and joined the band only in September 2017. It might sound flattering, but Mathieu turned into the most promising gamer and led his new team to prestige in a couple of months!

Though he didn’t succeed in his first major in Ketovice, his reputation was going on rising. Mathieu interacted like an experienced professional Counter-Strike, but some rivals didn’t take him seriously. The media declared that Mathieu was a shy plump guy who didn’t look like a superstar. Besides discussing his appearance, he had no idea about how to communicate with reporters and wasn’t ego to flirt with journalists. Nevertheless, ZywOo continued demonstrating his aspirations and strategy and proving he was a worthy underestimated opponent. He lost the grand final but still made his best for the team. And this fact certainly couldn’t stay unnoticed.

The young French teen who deservingly fought with Fnatic was compared to s1mple. It was a nice compliment, but ZywOo replied his wish was to assist his team, not to steal someone’s status or popularity. In 2018 Mathieu finished university, obtained a diploma, and finally satisfied his mom’s demand. As he eventually could completely devote himself to cyberspace, ZywOo began searching for better perspectives. He continued his progressing path in Team Vitality when he joined it in October 2018. Mathieu’s new partners were shocked by his tactics. It seemed that ZywOo was a robot whose brain had a unique program aimed only ion positive results.

Even his team-member Alex McMeekin confessed he thought Mathieu used fraudulent ways as such a perfect outcome was extraordinary and out of understanding. His mind was like a matrix that showed numbers, competitors’ locations, intentions, etc.
He won in DreamHack Open Atlanta 2018. In March 2019, he reached silver in Esports Championship Series Season 7, but just in a month, he took a revanche. After this triumph and a golden cup, he became a gaming hero!

He individually won 5 times in a row in MVP during a year. In 2020 due to pandemia, all the tournaments were settled online. But already, in January, he was assigned to be the best player of 2019. ZywOo obtained several silver rewards and first place in BLAST Premier: Spring 2020 Showdown. He even overcame s1mple who was at the top for two years in a list of the best players!

At the moment, Mathieu, or the “French phenomenon” as the publicity calls him goes on cooperating with Team Vitality. He has been leading the group to a victory for – 4 years! No wonder, Mathieu deserved fame, fans, and praise from the gaming community.

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