Marcelo “coldzera” David

Marcelo “coldzera” David

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Marcelo Augusto David achieved many rewards for his age. Now he is a 26 years old professional Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player from Brazil whose biography constitutes some unusual facts. Marcelo thinks that he became an expert in gaming only when he was 18. It differs from several players that achieved fame much earlier.

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Marcelo David. His thorny path to the CS:GO world.

Unlike colleagues, Marcelo was a withdrawn guy who kept his intentions secret. Cyberspace remembers many players that were thankful to older brothers for introduction with Counter-Strike. However, Marcelo’s story is quite different. He keeps in mind his sibling Rafael laughing at Marcelo together, with fellows telling the boy fails and ashames the gaming world. Marcelo’s misfortune and absence of experience in Counter-Strike were a good reason for Rafael to gather at the bar and mock the young brother.

Marcelo endured offensive phrases but was enthusiastic to change his low position. He read about tactics, investigated others’ solutions, and started secretly practicing in 2014.

He lied about going to movies because he knew neither his parents nor Rafael would support him. Marcelo believed in himself, and once he joined a match together with his brother. No doubt, Rafael was shocked when «silly» Marcelo overcame him.

Every day Coldzera was engaging in gaming versus Rafael who preferred to hang out. His family thought he lost his mind and needed a psychologist. Even when Marcelo received an invitation from Luminosity Gaming in 2015 to play overseas, he faced his father’s «No!».

As his family ruled a broom factory, Mauro David expected his sons to labor for the mutual business. Coldzera was a humble son. Once he refused from being a football player as his father prohibited that, but luckily the second dream wasn’t destroyed.

Final success and further lifestyle

Gabriel Toledo – the team’s captain urged Mauro to allow Marcelo to change his life.

Marcelo signed an agreement and left Brazil to participate in the first international tournament, where his team was repelled by FNATIC.

In 2015 Marcelo got rid off of his dad’s domination, but that wasn’t enough. He couldn’t come back with a victory and took a successful revanche only in 2016 at MLG Columbus. Coldzera became the first Brazilian who was confessed to be the Most Valuable Player of the tournament. He came back to his homeland with $100.000 in a pocket. It was the first and the most crucial period as the team won due to Coldzera’s logic. He obtained plenty of fans that met him with the country flags and applause. Marcelo was called «Brazilian Terminator» as he determined the game’s outcome. Later he joined SK Gaming.

In 2016 and 2017, he was announced to be the best player by HLTV.
In 2018 Marcelo played in IEM Sydney and gave a small interview. He noted that his members changed roles while training, and diversity was beneficial in gaming. He recommended not to relax before a tournament but fully concentrate on the process and think about a match. It is perfect advice from an experienced gamer – if to guess that Marcelo followed this method years ago when no one trusted in him. At the age of 24, Marcelo earned $100.000-500.000 as an eSports player.

While playing for MIBR from 2018 to 2019, Marcelo’s position fell at 10th place in a list of 20 best shooters of 2018.

Perhaps, it was the reason for Coldzera’s pretensions to his new band. He argued with Gabriel Toledo – that one, who promoted Marcelo years ago, as their visions of running a team were different. In September 2019, the gamer officially abandoned MIBR for FaZe Clan that made a splash in Copenhagen by Coldzera’s effort.

A sudden victory became like a sip of fresh air for FaZe Clan that tolerated troubles in gaming for a long time. Marcelo made his best, but as he couldn’t belong to any organization for more than – 2 years, he joined Complexity Gaming in 2021.

Regardless of all, Marcelo or «Coldzera» reached the top of Brazilian CS: GO players and doesn’t plan to give up soon. At the moment, he is an Electronic Sports skilled Player, a Brand Ambassador that develops Prozis store, and happily lives with his girlfriend.

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