Kenny “kennyS” Schrub

Kenny “kennyS” Schrub

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Kenny Schrub is a CS: GO gamer from France who started an interaction with cyberspace at an early age. His first acquaintance with gaming happened due to his older brother, Cyril Michel that played Counter-Strike. Kenny was curious and enjoyed watching his sibling shooting the targets. When Kenny was 6, Cyril allowed him to try Counter-Strike for the first time. Since that day, Kenny has dreamed to become a professional computer gamer and beat Cyril’s record.

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As he was a child he had to attend lessons, but Kenny was more interested in gaming, so he secretly used Cyril’s computer for self-improvement. Kenny doesn’t spread information about his parents, and school years. He earned enough money during his career, achieved the world’s admiration and millions of fans. Kenny regularly shares photos from streams, live translations, etc. He continues to cooperate with cyberspace and seems to be more involved in his activity than romance issues. Kenny seldom shows his girlfriend to urge fans he succeeded both in gaming and private life.

The first steps to development and fame

The serious and complete investigation of Counter-Strike for Schrub began in 2009. Once his nickname was “Little KennyS” but then transformed into “KennyS”.
Schrub used the Source version of the game. Step by step, practice led to perfection. The gamer spent two years training, and in 2011 he made a crucial action and joined a tournament.

Theoretically, it was a beneficial decision as tournaments usually bring popularity, and open new ways of communication and suggestions. However, competitors suspected Kenny of fraud and complained about him in some matches. Kenny could hardly regulate the scandal if another french gamer who is now retired, Vincent Cervoni Schopenhauer didn’t stand by his side. Vincent that was known as “Happy” in the gaming world proved that Kenny wasn’t guilty, so the younger french player kept on participating in the championship.

In December 2011, Kenny received an invitation from VeryGames. It was a positive moment, but VeryGames found Kenny on trial to be incompetent and approved him only in a year.

Prosperity, confession, and downturn

From January to April 2012, Schrub was a part of the eXtensive team that became a pioneer in his professional sphere. Kenny’s promotion belongs to VeryGames that raised its level in Counter-Strike in September 2012. Kenny reached second place in the Dreamhack Valencia tournament. He lost to Ninjas in Pyjamas, and it still was like a jackpot as the opponent has never been attacked before. In 2012 Kenny obtained more than $8800 per year in comparison to $130 in 2011.

In 2013 Kenny’s team took first place in Mad Catz Birmingham, Mad Catz International Koln, third in Mad Catz Vienna, and fourth in Copenhagen Games. In general, the results were worthy, but Schrub preferred to leave VeryGames for LDLC. From this moment, Kenny became unstable and couldn’t determine his priorities. He joined Warmaker, We Got Game, Nameless, Recursive eSports but stayed there maximum of 2 months.

It’s common to hear that Kenny got stuck in crisis in 2014 as he engaged to Clan-Mystik and almost won nothing, but it didn’t prevent him to increase the annual budget by almost $12000 in 2013 and 2014. In the same year, Kenny played as a member of Titan and faced disqualification of the whole group as one participant rudely violated the regulations. It made Kenny change the collective for Team EnVyUs.

In 2015 Schrub gained plenty of rewards and earned about $81000 per year. He was confessed to be a player of the year. No doubt, Kenny spent thousands of hours gaming.

The grandest number of money Kenny won from a single joust was $160,000 in CS: GO in 2016.

In February 2017, Schrub joined G2 Esports. 2017 was the most productive time if to estimate it from a financial point. Schrub acquired $292,500 and started actively advance himself in media.

As Kenny still represents gaming and offers cooperation, it’s hardly honest to talk about a decline, but in 2018 and 2019, the number of earnings suddenly fell to $39000 and $45000.

But as it’s said, for every gamer, cash is secondary when it comes to emotions and passion.

Current life

Kenny is still a CS:GO gamer and a sniper of G2Esports.

He frequently demonstrates his attainments, gaming strategy, cups. At the moment, Kenny concentrates on traveling, spending days with friends, his second half, and giving advice to newcomers.

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