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CSGORoll Promo Code – How to Use It and What It Can Provide You with?

Among the many CS: GO gambling platforms, there are only a few reputable websites that deserve your attention, and CSGORoll is one of them. Introduced to the world in 2015, it is a trustworthy gambling website with a solid reputation backed by thousands of positive reviews on TrustPilot. We are here to tell you about all the features and benefits of CSGORoll and provide you with a promo code that will help you get AWP Dragon Lore. Use the ‘CSGOHOWL’ promo code on the CSGORoll website to open a free case that can hold something of value.

Please note that unlike most websites featuring CS: GO gambling platform reviews, we are not trying to mislead you, so we do not claim that you will get Dragon Lore guaranteed with our promo code. In fact, using ‘CSGOHOWL’ gives you only a small chance of finding something of value by opening a free case.

Guide to Using the Promo Code

So, to use our promo code, you must have a CSGORoll user account. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Go to the CSGORoll website and log in.
  • Click the ‘Reward’ button in the main menu.
  • Copy the promo code ‘CSGOHOWL’ or enter it manually in the corresponding field.
  • Click on the ‘Claim’ button to confirm.

Once you do this, you will have access to a case that you can open for free.

Why do Many CS: GO Gamblers Consider CSGORoll as a Great Option?

Nobody can force you to play on this or that website – the final choice is always yours. However, if you are a US resident, your choices are limited due to legal restrictions. There are only two CS: GO gambling websites that are US-friendly – CSGORoll and WTFSkins. However, WTFSkins is inferior to CSGORoll in some characteristics. Moreover, you are unlikely to find a good promotional code for this platform. So, CSGORoll may be your best bet, especially if you are a US gambler. On the other hand, players from other countries are spoiled for the choice of CS: GO gambling websites with each having some advantages and drawbacks. We are here to tell you about some of the features of CSGORoll that make it an option worth considering for every gambling enthusiast:

  • This website uses a provably fair gaming results system that works for all gambling options available to players.
  • Daily free cases are available to you. The higher your level, the more free cases you can open daily.
  • You can get Dragon Lore absolutely free using a special promo code. However, keep in mind that the promo code is not a guarantee that you will find Dragon Lore in your free case.
  • This platform boasts the largest skin store from which you can withdraw skins instantly.
  • Unlike most of its competitors, CSGORoll has a house advantage of around 5%, well below the market average.
  • There are many events and giveaways that you can join for free.
  • As an international platform, CSGORoll accepts players from most countries around the world including the United States.

What’s more, by joining CSGORoll, you will have access to many exciting gambling options including:

  • CS: GO Roulette. Having a lot in common with the options offered by other websites, CSGORoll roulette features a Wheel split into 15 sectors with 1-7 red sectors, 8-14 black sectors, and zero one colored green. When placing bets on the red and black sectors, you can expect a 2:1 payout while a winning bet on the green sector will pay out 14:1.
  • CS: GO Dice. According to the rules of this game, the player must choose 2 numbers from a range from 1 to 100. Then, one random number will be chosen. To win, you need this random number to be in the range between the numbers you named. The narrower the range, the higher the payout ratio.
  • CS: GO Crash. With a multiplier starting at 1 and increasing in value before it crashes, this game is very popular on many CS: GO gambling websites. To win, you must click the ‘Cashout’ button before the crash occurs.

In addition, you will find several PVP options that are also worth a try.

Promo Code Features

To use the promo code, you must have a Steam account with Level 1 or higher. If your account is Level 0 or private, you will not be able to join CSGORoll. However, by setting your profile public and adding an API key and trade link, you can redeem the code. After that, your coins will become available for withdrawal. Alternatively, you can play the available gambling options. Most of the free cases available with a promo code contain only $0.01. To win more, you will have to stay with CSGORoll for a longer time.

Crash is probably the best option where you can risk your one penny to win something. By choosing a risk-free betting strategy, you can double your gift received with the ‘CSGOHOWL’ promo code in just one click. However, the likelihood that you will be able to win something with a $0.01 bet is too small. So, if you want to continue playing, most likely a deposit will be required. Nevertheless, even with $0.01, you can try gambling options without spending your own money. Since gambling can cause large financial losses, you must play responsibly.

What’s the Difference Between Promo Code (PD), Bonus Code (BD) and Referral Code (RD)?

While some websites refer to them as PD, others may refer to BD or RD, however, in most cases it means the same thing. We use the term “promo code” only because CSGORoll calls it a promo code. However, in truth, ‘CSGOHOWL’ works both as an RD and a BD as we receive a commission from every new player brought to their website and you in turn receive a small bonus. Please note that some websites differentiate between RD and BD as they work differently for them.

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